Together, we are investing in over 1100 Bacich and Kent students and ensuring they receive a top quality education for the 2020-21 school year. Our community is grateful for your generous support.


Parinda & Zachary Kleinberg Erica & Bryan Schultz Than T. Shwe  Melanie & Kirk Wollenweber  Carolyn Joost  Blair McElroy & Jonathan Doolittle 
Caroline & Andrew Roth
Laurie Aaronson & Calvin Schneiter
Carolyn & Jeffrey Tuatini
Carolyn & Warren Dewar Raina & Michael Sobel  Michelle & Jeff Wilcox 
Devin & Adam Alper
Karyn & Geoffrey Flynn
Erin & Aaron Kahn
Bradley Marsh
Lisa & Drew McAthy
Katharine & Michael O’Brien
 Kira & Dirk Hallemeier Jennifer & Mark Anglin Beth Hayes Tory & Jared Grigg Amy & Michael Paylor Tiffany & Nick Poncet
Victoria Sonu Song & Michael Song Jennifer & Houston Joost Chana Fitton & William Timpson Ann Morton & Kenta Kojima Laurie & Peter Treganowen Beth Hayes
Patricia & Brian Main Joanna & Tim Stockton Heather McPhail Sridharan & Sumant Sridharan Lisa & James Musick Christina Green Allison & Brent Crawford
Erica & John Bonney Amy & Andy Atherton Anonymous Donor (1) Heather Chartrand Adrienne & Kent Brown Janina Zagari & Ali Pellumbi
Becky & Bryce Fenster Jill Van Haaften & Scott Caito Christina & Gavin Charlston Davina & Baruch Goldwasser 
    Updated 09.17.20
Thank you to Donors who pledge to give in the spring and throughout the school year. KIK appreciates your generosity any time of the year.