KIK is thankful to SchoolsRule Marin for supporting Bacich and Kent Students!

What is SchoolsRule-Marin? 

SchoolsRule-Marin is a coalition that raises funds for all public school students in Marin, and our KSD  kids are beneficiaries of that work.

  • Funds are distributed on a per student basis to Marin public school foundations for programs in Arts,  Literacy, Health and Technology.
  • This year KIK will use SchoolsRule funds to support K- 8 health and wellness programs at Bacich and Kent where all students will benefit from increased health and wellness services, programs and educational support.
  • Last year’s funds were used to upgrade the HEPA air filtration systems at both Bacich and Kent.  This was a vital component of returning to in-person learning safely.
  • In school year 2019-2020 at Bacich, SchoolsRule monies donated to KIK funded supplies for the Maker Space program. In Maker Space, Bacich students put their creativity to work, learning STEAM skills but also taking risks, failing, and learning from and persevering through those failures to discover new  successes.
  • In school year 2019-2020 at Kent, SchoolsRule monies donated to KIK paid for the new string program. Because of the generosity of SchoolsRule-Marin, Kent Middle School was able to have its first string class in a generation. Pictured are Basses, Cellos, Violas and Violins purchased and made available to students not able to rent (over 80% of the ensemble). This is the launch of a full and complete music program that now includes three levels of Wind Band, two levels of String Orchestra, two levels of Choir, Jazz  Band and Rock Band, not to mention the Karaoke Competition that happens every spring and the teacher rock band The Kent Falconers. Music is alive and thriving at Kent Middle School thanks to  your continued support!


Historical Schools Rules Contribution to KIK
School Year
Health & Wellness Support
HEPA Air Filtration for Classrooms
Maker Space/ Strings Music Program
2018-2019 Maker Space/ Mindfulness Programs
2017-2018 Maker Space
2016-2017 Maker Space
2015-2016 Maker Space
2014-2015 Maker Space
2013-2014 Kent Mural
2012-2013 iPads


KIK is proud to partner with SchoolsRule-Marin and thankful that together, we can continue to support our schools’ work to educate the whole child and ready our Kentfield School kids for the future.

Check out SchoolsRule-Marin for more information about the organization and the businesses that support all Marin public school students.