Every child benefits daily from KIK funding
We ask each family to invest in their child through KIK


In order to properly track and credit your stock donation KSF would greatly appreciate your taking the following steps:

Provide you broker with the following information on KSF’s stock account:
Charles Schwab Account 5025-1123, reference Kentfield School Foundation DTC 0164, Code 40;

Call or email KSF as provided below and inform us of :
(1) the name of the company stock you are transferring;
(2) the number of shares being transferred; and
(3) the anticipated date of the transfer. Because Schwab does not attach names to the transfers, we need this information to properly credit your family.
At the time of transfer, you may communicate this information by sending a letter or an email to:
Laurie Treganowen
Executive Director
Phone : (415) 458-5140