The Fund-a-Need program, separate from the KIK Annual Goal,  helps support school community initiatives. Your Fund-a-Need  donation will directly support both Bacich and Kent kids in the  2022-23 school year.

  • Innovation and Technology assets related to the Bacich IDEA Lab and all things Maker

     ° Microbits, Routers, LED Design Sets

     ° 12 iPads

     ° 3-D Printers

     ° Lumber Supply

     ° LEGO BricQ Motion & Sphero Robotic Packs


  • Expanded Art offerings at Kent

     ° Clay/Sculpture supplies for Ceramics, Pottery & Sculpture

     ° 6 x iPads for Stop Motion Animation projects


  • Broadcasting Tech

     ° 10 Chromebooks for everything from video creation,  script editing to broadcast management

     ° These will supplement the current supply – all students will  have one to use!


We welcome donations from grandparents as well!

Your credit card will be charged immediately for all Fund-A-Need donations.  Please opt in to pay for 3% credit card fees so that we can give more auction  proceeds to KSD kids. Thank you!

Thank you for donating!