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KIK is a proud supporter of Kentfield School District’s Art program at both Bacich and Kent—where the Art classrooms are a particularly special and creative place for students. Art enriches student’s lives by encouraging them to think critically, and problem-solve while using their imagination and inherent creativity. It also offers the opportunity for non-linear thinking in a more relaxed, social setting.  Students benefit from the time learning skills, cultural setting, history and applying these skills to their own creative projects. 

Bacich Elementary School, Grades K-4

According to Mrs. Libby, Bacich Art Teacher and 2018 Marin County Teacher of the Year, “Arts education prepares students for school, work, and life. Through Arts education, children learn to solve problems and make decisions, think creatively, build self-confidence and self-discipline, articulate a vision, develop the ability to imagine what might be, and accept responsibility to complete tasks from start to finish.”

The Bacich K-4 visual arts program is comprehensive and fosters creativity, innovation, perseverance, analysis, communication, and personal conceptualization. These attributes play an integral role in strengthening social-emotional wellness and empathy for students and families:

  • VAPA state standards
  • STEAM 
  • Arts integration across curricula
  • Elements of Art and techniques
  • Art History
  • SEL integration
  • Gorgeous art classroom studio with adjunct outdoor learning space
  • Access to an array of tools and materials
  • Active Family volunteers
  • Artist visits


  • Planter Boxes 2019
  • Bacich Community Art Fence 2018
  • Artist visit: Rafael Lopes (Illustrator of Maybe Something Beautiful) in connection with the Bacich Art Fence
  • Artist in Residence Modesto Tamez from Exploratorium STEAM Integration 2017
  • Upcycle Art Installations 2017, 2016
  • Open House Box Show 2015
  • 700 + Clay Figure Installation 2014


  • Recycled Art Group Competition Winner 2016 & 2017
  • 4th grade Collaborative Kindness posters art show at Downtown Artworks Gallery in San Rafael 2016
  • 4th grade Heart Poster fundraiser for SF General Hospital Foundation 


Kent Middle School, Grades 5-8

  • 5th and 6th grade programs are structured around fundamentals, building a variety of skill sets, and exposure to new techniques and processes
  • 7th Grade focuses on art forms from around the world.  Students find their own voice while simultaneously experimenting with new materials, techniques and tools.  
  • 8th Grade Art is about putting it all together—lessons are designed for maximum self-expression guided by cultural, political, social and historical events.  8th Graders also have the choice of taking ‘Project Runway’, a collaborative, design centric class.
  • Kent art students had the opportunity to work with a local artist to design, develop and construct a 2014 Centennial Mosaic Tile Mural which anchors the front of the school.


  • In honor of the Centennial Celebration of Kentfield-Greenbrae history, Kent art students had the opportunity to work with a local artist to design, develop and construct a 2014 Centennial Mosaic Tile Mural which prominently anchors the front of the school. 
  • Two 8th grade art students were awarded for their Social Justice Posters in a competition hosted by Riley’s Art Store. Their work traveled around the Bay Area.  
  • Many Kent artists win annual awards at the Marin County Fair each year.  
  • Kent students have participated in the Google Logo competition.
  • Project Runway specialty class


  • Kiln, 3D printer, laser cutter, heat press, digital cameras, i-pads, sewing machines, Cricut machine, silk screen equipment


I love teaching my students the language of visual arts, connecting to history, science, social justice, personal views and the world. It is an absolute pleasure seeing my students experience the magic of art as I guide them while they’re creating with their hands, shaping ideas and dreams into sculptures and images that everyone can

A growing body of evidence suggests that at virtually every stage of life, the arts can foster openness to novelty, encourage connections to people, places, things, and concepts, and promote the ability to take multiple perspectives, among other positive outcomes (National Endowment for the Arts, 2011).