KIK is pleased to partner with Together Home to offer two Shop + Give products for the holiday season. Shop these items that give 20% to KIK:

  • Cozy Up Bundle includes a generous 100% organic cotton throw, TH’s Peninsula candle, and a candle snuffer for when it’s time for lights-out.
    *Give back offer ends December 24.

  • Rinse and Repeat Bundle includes a refillable, eco-friendly glass bottle for dish soap, a wooden dish scrubber and a stoneware tray to keep all your cleaning essentials tidy. Why should hand soap have all the fun?
    *Give back offer ends January 31.

*During checkout, please replace the First Name of the Ship To recipient with TH4KIK. TH will reach out to you via email to arrange local delivery.

Together Home started with two women—Bacich and Kent moms—on a mission to bring people together through beautiful interior design.