Fund-a-Need Grants for the 2020-21 school year, separate from the KIK Annual Commitment, help support school community initiatives such as digital platforms, library enhancements, and unique tools to supplement student learning. KIK is the funding arm of the 2020-21 Fund-a-Need program and has partnered with the Kentfield Schools PTA (KSPTA) to administer the grant award process to realize special projects and make supplies available to our school community. KIK appreciates the Fund-a-Need Donors who generously gave last spring for this school year’s grants. See list of donors at right column.

After 3 rounds of grant applications and awards, KIK had some remaining funds.  The KIK KSPTA Grant Committee voted to gift the remainder to the schools through a Principal Discretionary Spending Fund.  The funds will follow the same guidelines as the grants and were distributed equally between the two schools.

Fourth Round:  Fund-a-Need Grants
Life Skills 6th grade Virtual Field Trip, Revolutionary Women 5th grade
Science Lab Equipment 7th grade Additional Recess Equipment for Stable Group Zones 5th-8th grade
Eco Action Club Sponsor and Supplies 5th-8th grade Text Sets for Expressions Course 6th grade
Update of 7th and 8th Grade Classroom Libriaries 7th-8th grade
Third Round:  Fund-a-Need Grants
Noise Cancelling Headphones
K- 1st grade
Physical Education Distance Games and Materials K- 4th grade
Reading Intervention: Leveled Literacy Intervention
K- 2nd grade 8th Grade Take Home Science Kits 8th grade
Fraction Strips 3rd grade
Second Round:  Fund-a-Need Grants
Dance with Mr. S Kindergarten   Science Kits
6th grade
Storytelling with Mr. S 1st grade   Art Supplies
5th-8th grade
ESGI Assessment Tool
1st grade   Author Visits- Torrey Maldonado
5th – 8th grade
Science/ Art Projects 1st  grade   Classroom Novel Sets for Book Groups
5th – 8th grade
Rulers 3rd grade   Distance Learning Science Kits
7th grade
Poetry Unit
4th grade
  Individual Science Kits
8th grade
Eureka Math Digital Assessment Tool K- 4th grade  


First Round:  Fund-a-Need Grants
Styluses for Bacich iPads – 1st grade 1st grade Home of The Brave Class Novel Set 5th grade
Social Emotional Learning With Superflex 2nd grade Cuneiform Clay Tablets 6th grade
Zearn Notes 3rd – 4th grade Flangoo 7th – 8th grade
Flocabulary Licenses 3rd – 4th  grade Whiteboard Kits 5th – 8th grade
Diversity/Racism/Ethnicity/Social Justice Books K – 4th grade Classroom Library Resources: Conversations About Race 5th – 8th grade
Dice/Dice Containers 5th grade



At the KIK Spring Auction in 2019, our community raised nearly $100K to help with the construction of a new Bacich Playground through a “Fund-a-Need.” These designated dollars must be used for the specific program for which the Fund-a-Need was intended and cannot be redirected. The current playground is 20 years old while the average lifespan of a play structure is 10-15 years!  

While our district has been moving forward with a number of capital projects paid for by bond money, our community has been patiently waiting on construction for the new playground.  While waiting, there was some discussion about re-purposing the donated funds. However, considering

1. the age of our current playground

2. that the field and the playground are the focal points in our community, and

3. that construction/playground costs will only go up, the district and KIK decided that playground rehaul is one of our priorities for our community and children as students return full time to school following the pandemic. 

A little more info: KIK needed to work with our district to come up with the remainder of the cost of construction.  To secure extra funds, the District and Board of Trustees went through an exploratory design and programming period which determined that the entire cost of the playground overhaul requires:

1. grading and infrastructure work (about $150K), and 

2: the playground equipment itself ($100K). 

We have the $100K secured thanks to our donors! The remainder of the money will come from bond money set aside for capital improvements.  

Why didn’t this happen earlier? Our district and trustees have set aside the playground issue for a time while dealing with a number of fiscal priorities and unprecedented emergency issues.  Now that the remainder of the monies have been secured and plans are being finalized, KSD and KIK can now move forward with finite plans for the new playground. Thank you all for your patience and dedication to our Greenbrae/Kentfield community and schools!

Tune into our Board of Trustees Meetings and/or Archives for playground updates. KIK would like to again thank our Fund-a-Need donors that gave generously to build an updated and safe playground structure for our community.

OCT 2020 Civil engineering/topography assessment
NOV 2020 Propose design of structure to Stakeholders
DEC 2020 Approve play structure design
JAN/FEB 2021 Submit order of play structure to begin manufacturing and delivery; map out grading ramping, etc.
MAR/APR 2021 Manufacturing completed
JUNE 2021 Break ground to begin installation; beginning to end construction estimated at 4 weeks
AUGUST 2021 Ribbon Cutting Celebration



Every year, our community raises money through the Fund-a-Need program at the Spring Auction to deliver a specific need to our school district. In years past, our Fund-a-Need program has raised money for the following:

Technology 2010 Bacich & Kent
Technology 2011 Bacich & Kent
Chromebooks/ipads/Apple mini/Seagate server 2013 Bacich & Kent
Maker Space printers, lasers, soldering station and more
2015 Bacich & Kent
Reading specialist 2016 Bacich
iPads 2017 Bacich & Kent
“Back 50” – outdoor blacktop play space 2018 Kent
Bacich Playground 2019 Bacich
KIK/ KSPTA Grant Program 2020 Bacich & Kent